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We are honored that you’re taking the time to get to know us better. Steve and I have worked together for more than a decade. We’ve had a remarkable journey, built upon our shared love for humanity and our Earth. Our core values are deeply rooted in fostering meaningful relationships and crafting solutions that have a positive impact on our communities.


Our collaborative journey began with the founding of Pure Cultures, an animal health biotech company with a focus on microbiome and gut health solutions. Over seven rewarding years, we embarked on an incredible adventure that involved constructing a state-of-the-art fermentation facility, building a brand from the ground up, securing investment from both angel investors and venture capitalists, and culminating in the successful sale of the business to a Canadian biotech company.


While we may not always work on projects together, we stand together because when you choose to work with one of us, you gain access to our extensive experience and diverse networks. It's our shared commitment to making a positive difference that unites us and that we bring to every endeavor.

About Synergy5280

Colleen Kazemi

With over two decades of devoted leadership, I've been instrumental in advancing economic equity across public, private, and philanthropic domains. My extensive background encompasses a decade in big data technology, founding and successfully selling a biotech venture, establishing transformative partnerships with Fortune 100 entities, and cultivating a robust network of social impact investors. This breadth of experience makes me a shapeshifter, equally adept in the roles of founder and funder.


A natural connector, I thrive on collaborating with those who share my scrappy determination, especially individuals from underrepresented communities. I'm an avid traveler, drawn to the diverse tapestry of backgrounds and cultures. Rooted in Colorado, a visit to my home might find me relishing family cooking sessions, exploring mountain trails via hiking or paddleboarding, or honing my golfing skills at the local city course.

Who is Colleen Kazemi?

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Who is Steve Kazemi?

With over 25 years of experience in research and manufacturing of commercial grade food, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplements, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My most recent venture involved founding and successfully exiting a fermentation biotech business that focused on pioneering solutions in probiotics and animal health. During this time, I even had the privilege of authoring a U.S. patent for revolutionary fermentation products developed specifically for poultry and swine, providing an effective alternative to antibiotics.


As a seasoned consultant, I offer bespoke bench-to-scale consulting services tailored to the unique needs of businesses utilizing fermentation. My extensive network of contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) combined with my background in food and beverage, supplements, CBD, and manufacturing, enables me to facilitate the testing and scaling of products to generate revenue.


My specialization lies in product development, process sustainability, and manufacturing. Notably, I have worked on a diverse portfolio of projects, including those in the beverage, alternative protein, green chemistry, beauty, and clean textile sectors. By leveraging my experience and knowledge, I strive to deliver innovative solutions that drive growth and success for businesses in these industries.

Steve Kazemi
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