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Cultivating Partnerships for

Amplified Social Impact

Unlocking the Power of Collaboration for Social Change

We work with organizations who embody


Integrating diverse
perspectives to amplify
collective impact.



Recognizing the ripple effect of

our interconnected actions,

inspiring positive change for the bettement of all.


Continuous Evolution

Committed to perpetual learning, innovation, and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Imapact In Community

Funders, Businesses, and For-Profit Organizations

Elevating Collaborative Initiatives : At Synergy5280, we

specialize in steering organizations with proven momentum

towards identifying and selecting optimal partners, evaluating

shared strengths, and successfully orchestrating mutually

advantageous partnerships that redefine collaboration for transformative impact.


Empowering Non-profits: Your vision is at the core of your

mission. I am here to assist you in staying true to that vision and

expanding your influence. Whether you seek guidance in

identifying and nurturing strategic partnerships, strategies to

boost revenue and fundraising models, establishing and

mobilizing your Board, or need hands-on operational support, I

am ready to construct the strategies, structures, and systems that

transform your vision into meaningful impact.


Drive Revenue

Growth & Fundraising

We have a proven track record of 

raising or generating millions in 

revenue. Our expertise in

fine-tuning business models enables

us to craft comprehensive funding and

earned revenue strategies.



Operational Success

Drawing upon our proven expertise

in social impact strategy,

marketing, finance, and operations, we facilitate the achievement of operational success during periods

of growth or transition.


Architecting Alliances

for Strategic Impact

Dedicated to fostering social impact

 through community-focused, 

data-driven solutions, we specialize 

in guiding businesses, investors,

and underserved communities 

toward sustainable success.



What clients are saying about us...

"Colleen Kazemi is an indispensable source of strategic direction and mentorship within the realm of entrepreneurship and social impact for our students in the Leeds School of Business. With an exceptional ability to provide high-quality strategic guidance rooted in their industry expertise, Colleen consistently empowers our student teams to excel. Colleen's unique insights and dedication have made her the go-to resource for social impact mentorship, fostering strategic partnerships, and spearheading initiatives that drive positive change. Colleen exemplifies purpose-driven leadership at its finest, making a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial community within the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship."

Brad Werner | Faculty Director

Deming Center for Entrepreneurship

New Venture Creation | New Venture Launch


What clients are saying about us...

“Steve's expertise in fermentation, microbiology, and organic chemistry, has been instrumental to the development of our strain library, probiotic products, and the advancement of the bioeconomy. We’re lucky to have him and his deep knowledge of probiotics on our side!”

Martha Carlin

CEO, BiotiQuest®


What clients are saying about us...

As the CEO of SVP Denver, Colleen played a pivotal role in guiding both myself and Bondadosa to articulate our vision and value proposition effectively to impact investors and funders. Colleen possesses a unique ability to align and amplify our mission and vision to the metrics and value criteria that investors seek, ultimately facilitating the successful closure of several key impact investments.”

Maggie Brown

Chief Impact Officer, Bondadosa


What clients are saying about us...

“I am the Principal and Founder of Dezzutti Media Solutions, a consulting firm I founded after a 25 year career in Public Media. It is uncommon to find someone who can provide beneficial advice and guidance, along with a positive and supportive attitude. Some leaders focus too much on just issuing orders as advice, while some can provide emotional support, but can't offer tangible suggestions. Colleen is that uncommon leader who can advise and provide a tactical plan while being supportive and encouraging. I am grateful to be one of the many founders Colleen has shared her talents with over her career.”

Dominic Dezzutti

Dezzutti Media Solutions

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